New York City based multidisciplinary creative (and plant mom) from São Paulo, Brazil. Currently working wherever she’s needed across e-commerce, television, film, marketing, fine art and beyond. Her latest independent film 311 has been well received and selected by multiple(14) global film festivals. She's recently launched notable fashion and beauty brands including Guest in Residence, Oribe, and Bugatchi.

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Growing up in a small city on the outskirts of São Paulo, Brazil, Rachel found her love of nature and the beauty in small details and color that make the world such a breathtaking place. After graduating from Pratt Institute with a B.F.A. in Digital Arts and a Minor in Art History, she began working as a freelancer and has since worked on projects such as Hulu's PEN15 and OIAF's Signal film for 2021 (which got into ANNECY's Official Selection for Commissioned films!).
Rachel seeks to bring her colorful aesthetic and penchant for storytelling to the advertising and marketing world in the hope that merging an accomplished artistic background with an expertise in strategic content marketing will allow her to master communication in every medium. Rachel also loves to bake and has big dreams of living in the countryside of France so she can finally live off of wine and baguettes.

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2D Animation
Art Direction
Motion Design
AR Filters
Video Editing
Motion Graphics
User Experience
Lottie Animation
Graphic Design
Title Sequence